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Mr. & Mrs. Date Night

Mr. & Mrs. Valentine's Day Date Night 
(FAQ of the Day - 14Feb2022: Couples have one year from date of purchase to schedule) 


Make Valentine’s Day 2022 an adventure that you won't forget! Brad and Angelina’s “Mr & Mrs Smith” can’t compare as you and your date "Save the Day" and immerse yourself into (1) a counter-terrorism, (2) a hostage rescue, or (3) a protect the president scenario in TRG’s ReadyLAB/Hostage Rescue Facility right in the heart of the Dallas Medical/Design District. Learn from decorated veterans, become the heroes of the day, and then go to dinner in Dallas’s most exciting restaurant area. 

(Our staff is happy to share recommendations for dinner. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about the vegan or gluten free ones. - Clint)


Scheduled per couple, and up to 3 couples can join the mission.

Couples have 12 months from 14Feb2022 to redeem.

The HighGroundHQ

1319 Crampton St

Dallas, TX 75207


$221 per couple - this includes everything: 1 hour for private coaching and the mission experience, and use of our hyper-realistic training weapons and safety gear. Post-mission photo album provided. 


From Clint Bruce, a founder of TRG and The HighGroundHQ:

You might be thinking, "Well ... $221 is an odd price. Why is it $221?"

Great question and here are two answers.

First, we are fans of happy couples - and we know Valentine's Day dinner can be pretty expensive. So we wanted to "thread the economic needle" and do our part to share the love.

Second, and most important, we're on a mission to win the war on veteran suicide with the power of daily wins and a good day's work. Experiences like this, and friends like you, allow us to grow our 21toNone Project.

To learn more about the 21toNone Project click here ... 


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out:

Sign me up!

This is my kind of date night...

Our Team will work with you to schedule the date and time of your mission. 
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