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What is HoldFast University?


Young Adults & New Professionals

At HoldFast University, we strive to empower, teach and cultivate young professionals, entrepreneurs, creative social innovators, and global leaders who will positively impact their communities and the world. Through our "PursuingElite" teaching curriculum, we will young leaders to launch into their ventures with purpose. This is an initiative to enable young professionals, pre and post college, to view entrepreneurship as a catalyst to bring a positive impact to their communities.

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Experienced Executives

Whether your goal is to develop critical business skills, cultivate high-potential leaders, advance your organization, or all of the above, HoldFast University for Business Executives will prove valuable for you and your organization.

You will experience teachings that are highly engaging, challenging, with timely, in-demand subject matter, delivered by instructors who are thought leaders in their fields of expertise. 

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