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Win the war on veteran suicide with the power of daily wins and a good day's work. 

Daily Wins = Delivering value to a leader you want to learn from with your unique gifts, ability, and experiences. 

Good Day's Work = Providing for those entrusted to you because of the value you delivered to the leader you want to learn from. 

The "WarriorWeWork" type design of the HighGround was built to provide incredible efficiencies for both our clients and teammates. Reducing barriers to both get and give value increases our rate-of-fire as we attack the reasons Veterans take their own lives. 

22+ Veterans commit suicide every day. Our mission is to go from 22 to 21, then 21 to none. 

The 21toNone Project

The 21toNone Project is the culmination of more than 15yrs of putting Veteran suicide in our crosshairs as a collective of veterans, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and researchers. More than 22 Veterans take their lives every day, and the 21toNone Project exists to war with the reasons that is happening. 

"I've lost as many friends and teammates to suicide as I have to combat and training. I knew combat and training could cost us dearly - we waded into those waters knowingly. I knew I could lose them 'over there' ... I didn't know how many I would lose here at home" - Clint Bruce

By becoming a 21toNone Project member, you get more than the satisfaction of knowing you're in the fight for those who fought for you ... you enjoy purpose and:     

  • Priority access to events, experiences, classes, and courses. 

  • Preferred rates on select programs

  • Two tickets to the HighGround Awards Gala celebrating powerful stories of sacrificial leadership and service by Leaders in the Boardroom and Lions from the Battlefield.

$21 per month

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