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Since 2010, Clint Bruce has spoken with more than 500,000 leaders across the spectrum of professional, athletic, and philanthropic endeavors. 

In his flagship keynote presentation "PursuingElite//The 5 'gifts' of Elite Achievers" Clint describes the 5 daily decisions the most elite business people, athletes, and warriors make that allow them to perform at remarkable levels for long periods of time. 

They choose to be ... 

... balanced, to create high ground for hard days. 

... curious, to find out rather than gewt found out. 

... tribal, to find others who share their conviction and willingness to sacrifice. 

... intentional, to always know why they do what they do. 

... authentic, to preach from their pain and share their scars. 

Join Clint as he learns more from the leaders "who had to sit there and listen to me speak."

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